Classification of dog breeds by size - small, medium, large - Review + Video

Today, a person can keep almost any living creature in his home.
Most people tend to own cats and dogs. What kinds of dogs there are - small, medium, large breeds and representatives of these groups will be discussed in this article. There are already a lot of dog breeds, and every year more and more of them appear thanks to the work of breeders. There are several classifications of dog breeds, based on various similar characteristics. In this article we will talk in more detail about the classification of dog breeds by size.

English Setter

A loyal and sociable family friend with a complex temperament. The dog is aristocratic, both in appearance and in character. A violent temper requires constant restraint; it is recommended to provide good exercise to release excess energy. Hunting and outdoor activities will become an outlet for the animal and the owner. The setter gets along well with children, will be the protector of his pack, a loyal and devoted friend.

Size chart English Setter
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)up to 3025-35up to 8

Cubs are suitable for selection from 2 months, it is at this time that the character and habits of the animal begin to form. They quickly get used to their owner, so to reduce mental trauma, it is recommended to take puppies to a new family as early as possible.

Australian Shepherd

Adult dog weight: from 18 to 30 kg. Height at the withers is from 46 to 58 cm. The breed is one of the easiest to train, so Australian Shepherds are often used as guide dogs for visually impaired people or as service dogs. The second name of the breed is Aussie.

The good nature of Aussies is legendary. They get along in the same territory with children, other dogs, cats, fish and hamsters. At the same time, even the tiniest “neighbors” may not be afraid of sudden attacks of aggression - Aussies are absolutely unfamiliar with such feelings. Representatives of the breed cope well with the role of tailed nannies.

Aussies are herding dogs, but they have taken root quite well in modern houses and apartments. Notice how during a walk your pet constantly makes sure that no one accidentally gets lost, gathers everyone in a group, and urges those who are lagging behind with his nose. It is the hunting genes in the dog that say this.


One of the varieties of the Belgian Shepherd, it is highly versatile. Dogs are smart, obedient, good-natured and easy to train. They can be used as friends, companions and workers, even as guide dogs. They are infinitely loyal, love children and are ready to help the owner in every possible way.

Size chart Groenendael
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)30-35up to 408

Puppies quickly gain weight; it is possible to say that upon reaching age the dog will meet the standards if the weight increases to 3 kg up to 6 months. age and 2 kg monthly until reaching 1 year.

What are the benefits of a dog for a child?

Psychologists say that if your daughter or son comes up with the idea of ​​getting a dog, this indicates that subconsciously he or she is ready for responsibility . But before buying, it’s better to take them on an excursion to those who have a pet, so that they can see what troubles await them.

Four-legged animals help a person fight insecurities and complexes, and improve the baby’s health. He will also become more responsible, more open in the company of his peers, and get accustomed to the regime.

German boxer

Despite their bad reputation in the media, purebred dogs have an excellent, strong psyche, are affectionate, and love children and their family. They are zealous about protecting the territory; thanks to their endurance, strength and courage, they are used in the police and security. They easily make contact, with proper upbringing they do not destroy the apartment in the absence of the owner, and they are easy to train.

Size Chart German Boxer
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)40-4644-5011-14

The puppy will grow in size very quickly; in order for it to become strong with beautiful muscle definition, constant and good physical activity is required. The first simple classes can be started from 3 months, which will allow you to get used to training and improve weight gain, adding not only height, but also muscles.

Medium-sized guard dog breeds


Despite its serious appearance, the Malinois has a very gentle character. The dog must be constantly busy, otherwise the Malinois will find entertainment for itself and may begin to damage the furniture.


Ridgebacks are hardy and active dogs. They perform sports disciplines with ease and are trainable.

Giant Schnauzer

Dogs of this breed have a balanced character. The Giant Schnauzer becomes attached to its owner and easily finds a common language with other pets.


Dogs have a calm, loving character. Shelties respect the peace of their owner and are not disturbed by requests to play; the breed is recognized and popular among breeders for its patient nature. The coat is thick, long with a dense undercoat.


Animals have a friendly and cheerful disposition, always ready to play, run and jump. They have the ability to hunt, are good companion dogs, have absolutely no protective qualities, and will not defend their territory. Not suitable for lying on the sofa; active temperament requires an outlet of energy. If the dog does not get tired during a walk, it is capable of destroying the furniture in the apartment out of boredom and needs constant attention, especially during character formation and socialization.

Dalmatian size chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)40-4644-5011-14

There are no specific age criteria for how much weight and height a puppy should gain; it all depends on the constitution of the dog. On average, upon reaching 6 months of age, the weight is 17-20 kg, but if the dog is large, with strong bones, it can reach 26 kg.

Child and dog: benefit or harm

There is no clear answer to the question of whether a dog is needed in the house. Any “dog lover”, without hesitation, will say that having a “shaggy friend” will only bring benefits. Most often this is what happens. Dogs are the most grateful creatures on the planet. No one will love a person so selflessly, devotedly and selflessly, despite all his shortcomings, bad mood and difficult character.

It is a known fact that four-legged companions are indispensable in a variety of situations. Service breeds perform guard duty, protect property, and are used by government security forces to maintain order. Hunting species, having an excellent sense of smell and hearing, participate in rescue operations and accompany the blind. Decorative animals captivate with their cheerful and non-conflicting character and are able to instantly cheer up the most gloomy person.

Psychologists are of a similar opinion. It is believed that the use of dogs has a beneficial effect on the socialization of children with autism, Down syndrome, and manifestations of behavior disorder.

Good results are recorded when correcting emotional lability and depressed mood in adolescents. In European and American practice, animals live in nursing homes and help maintain the standard of living of older people in an active state.

Of course, there is another opinion. Noise, din, dirty paws, the need for regular cleaning - this is not a complete list of inconveniences for a family that decides to get a dog. Animals are absolutely contraindicated for allergy sufferers. Even the most good-natured and charming dog will not bring happiness and joy if its owner is forced to constantly use antihistamines.

It often happens that dogs get sick. Rabies is considered one of the most serious diseases. This is relevant for cases when the animal is walked without a leash and comes into contact with stray animals. A bite from a dog infected with the virus is deadly to humans. Timely vaccination of your pet will protect you from serious consequences.

Finally, future owners often overestimate their ability to control and manage events and take representatives of service, guard and fighting breeds into their home. Without the opportunity to train and intensively train such dogs, they quickly turn into a threat to others. Most often, the most vulnerable family members suffer - small children and elderly relatives.

You should not refuse the help of a professional dog handler, and training your pet should begin at 6 months of age.

Siberian Husky

A hyperactive breed of dog with which you won’t be able to lie on the sofa, otherwise you may be left without furniture, chewed off from boredom. Requires constant exercise, training, physical activity and constant attention from the owners. If you do not carry out proper socialization and do not work with the animal, then the furniture, wallpaper and other things are unlikely to remain intact in the house. With daily exercise, the dog grows active, cheerful, good-natured and obedient.

Size Chart Siberian Husky
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)up to 40up to 44-458-12

There are no special conventions or growth standards for puppies of this breed. When weaned from their mother and switching to a healthy diet, they are able to gain up to 3 kg per month, growing quickly and noticeably. Muscle mass is gained after 7 months, so until this time they may look thin; at these moments you should not overfeed, this is a normal teenage factor.

Medium breeds

Their height reaches 40-55 cm at the withers, weight – 11-25 kg. Decide which breed of dog to choose for your child from the average pets. The photo shows how sweet and kind they are.

Russian Spaniel

Tireless play partner. It has so much energy that the most active person would sooner get tired than a four-legged friend. It is important for him to be trained, taught, and not just given attention during games. Very attached to the owner . The Russian Spaniel has well-developed intuition and protective qualities; it will immediately recognize a person with bad intentions and will protect its owner.

Shetland Sheepdog, Sheltie

He loves to be the center of attention. He treats the little ones carefully, feels like their guardian, nanny. When a stranger approaches, it will bark loudly to notify its owners of possible danger. The Sheltie can play for hours. Feels great in a large family . Suitable for living in houses with private territory, large apartments.


Active, open, love games. They are not used to dominating their owner; they often choose the youngest in the house as their leader . Beagles need systematic training and walks in the fresh air. They are perfect for runners; they will go for runs with them over any distance.

Siberian Husky

They do not tolerate living within four walls well; they need space and regular activities . They will be happy to carry you in a sled in winter. They need training and long walks in nature. Not suitable for homebodies.

Huskies are friendly, not guard dogs. They are happy with any person.

Miniature Schnauzer

Active with a reserved disposition. Although he is playful, he is not intrusive . If the owner does not have time to play, the miniature will not pester, but will settle down next to him or will follow him. They enjoy playing with everyone, regardless of age, and at the same time protect them. They are suspicious of strangers and, if necessary, will rush to protect the owner and household members.

English bulldog

Friendly, strongly attached to the owner, difficult to tolerate long separations. The bulldog gets along with kids , is ready to play and play pranks with them, but not for long. His energy reserve will last for an hour and a half , and then he needs rest. Therefore, dog experts recommend getting English bulldogs for a daughter or son who is already 10-12 years old.

Welsh Corgi

Some of the most life-loving, friendly pets. They are equally attached to all family members. They love to play, are ready for many hours of active games, but at the same time they are able to lie at the feet of the owner for hours while he works or studies. Welsh Corgis are very careful with their little ones and tolerate their pranks without any aggression.

They practically do not bark, but they like to howl.

Border Collie

Needs regular training and is very active. If she is not given proper attention, due to excess energy she can go crazy: constantly run around the house, ram walls. Enjoy spending hours outside. It should not be started for children who are too young. The ideal age of the owner is 10-12 years. A person should pay attention to the border collie every day: train it, care for its coat, and walk it for 1-2 hours.


Playful, strongly attached to the owner. It is better to take them with you on trips than to leave them in pet hotels, as they get very stressed. Ideal for children over 10 years old. They do not have enough patience for the pranks of too young household members . They love active games. Dog handlers say that representatives of this breed have a cat-like disposition, they are willful, and do not always easily agree to training.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

In England, these pets are called nannies because they love to take care of babies . They can even rock a newborn and get angry with parents if the baby cries. This is a guard dog . If you want your son or daughter to become its owner, it is better that they are old enough to carry out thoughtful training.

Longhaired Collie

Calm and sociable dogs have an innate sense of self-esteem, which can lead to difficulties in training. They get along well with children, will never offend them, but are capable of becoming good defenders. They do not tolerate separation from their owner well, are very bored, and require attention and careful grooming. They are smart, intelligent, clean, and do not cause any problems in the apartment, except for fur.

Size Chart Longhaired Collie
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)38-4042-467

Puppies grow and develop quickly; their diet must include the entire complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for the formation of joints and beautiful coat. By the age of one year they already take on the appearance of an adult, mature dog.



A reliable friend of his owner, a friendly, affectionate companion for any family. Gets along easily with relatives. Its weight is 8-14 kg. Height at the withers is 33-38 cm. He loves children, can entertain them for hours, and tolerate their pranks. It is difficult to train and requires diligent and serious study and training . In the United States, beagles are used as service dogs to detect illegally imported substances.

Loves to run without a leash to thoroughly explore the area. Beagles love to walk "by themselves." Short hair does not require regular grooming. The color can be: lemon and white, orange and white, tricolor, but the tip of the tail must be white. Possesses good health, but is prone to obesity .

Because Since this is a hunting breed, beagles are characterized by hyperactivity, restlessness, and in some cases aggression. It is very important to pay a lot of attention, especially at an early age. Typically, such dogs are taken for hunting or exhibition competitions, because the breed is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.


  • learning ability: 5/10;
  • Grooming: 1/10;
  • activity: 10/10;
  • attitude towards children: 10/10;
  • security qualities: 3/10;
  • aggressiveness: 1/10;
  • health: 9/10

Istrian shorthaired hound

A loyal hunting dog with high agility and speed. Loves active games, walks, jogging, even drives. Loves children, cats, pets.

Always cheerful and joyful, even during illness or injury. Despite its small size, it protects the owner from any troubles no matter what. If you are a sports person leading a healthy and active lifestyle, this is your choice.


  • learning ability: 9/10;
  • Grooming: 0/10;
  • activity: 10/10;
  • attitude towards children: 10/10;
  • security qualities: 8/10;
  • aggressiveness: 1/10;
  • health: 8/10

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Weight 11-17 kg, height at the withers 36-41 cm. Being the owner of one Staff Bull means having two dogs for the price of one . This is a friendly, affectionate dog with a playful character that gets along well with children. In addition, this breed is completely suitable for keeping in an apartment.

ATTENTION! Do not let your child walk alone with such a strong dog. When staying with children, Staff Bulls switch on vigilant guard mode.

This breed requires early training and adaptation to the company of other dogs. Staff bulls do not immediately grasp what is required of them during training, and are difficult to train. Grooming is easy. Maintaining good physical shape requires a lot of physical activity. Health requires attention. When giving birth, bitches need a caesarean section, and their skin is susceptible to sunburn in hot weather. Skin allergies are also common.


  • learning ability: 5/10;
  • Grooming: 1/10;
  • activity: 9/10;
  • attitude towards children: 10/10;
  • security qualities: 10/10;
  • aggressiveness: 5/10;
  • health: 4/10

Basset Hound

Weight 18-27 kg. Height at the withers is 33-38 cm. They are soft, affectionate and calm dogs with a short but stiff hair. The lighter individuals compete in field competitions, but most lounge around on the couches. Their calm nature has become a legend; it is almost impossible to anger this dog with anything.

These dogs are susceptible to diseases of the back and eyes, and in old age, also of the legs.

The Basset Hound is an incredibly loyal pet that loves its owner! But you can’t order him to do something or force him, you can only ask him.


  • learning ability: 6/10;
  • Grooming: 1/10;
  • activity: 5/10;
  • attitude towards children: 7/10;
  • security qualities: 3/10;
  • aggressiveness: 1/10;
  • health: 6/10

Golden (golden) retriever

A friendly, active and powerful dog with a wonderful disposition. She will become a wonderful companion, gets along well in families with children, is ready to tolerate their pranks and play along with them. Retrievers are smart, loyal and reliable; they are not prone to aggression towards people or other animals. The breed is good for working professions; from the first months it shows its readiness to bring prey when hunting or pick up a scent.

Golden Retriever Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)39,5-4243-4612-14

On average, a puppy gains 2 kg per month, which indicates that when he reaches age he will enter the standards. However, genetic predisposition and the junior period may cause less weight gain - this is normal. Puppies should not be overfed, otherwise they will develop problems with the musculoskeletal system and joints.

Miniature Schnauzer – 14-20 kg

The Miniature Schnauzer is a mischievous, active and fast medium-sized dog. Fans of the breed claim that this dog has a human brain, and indeed, it can sometimes be seen scratching its beard, planning its next steps in taking over the house. The Schnauzer is a very smart dog that can easily outwit a person. This dog needs to get a lot of physical and mental exercise every day, or it will get bored and find entertainment that is unlikely to please a person. The Miniature Schnauzer can be trained to guard the house, greet guests, carry mail, help in the yard, etc.

The correct Miniature Schnauzer has natural protective instincts, but he needs early, frequent socialization so he can learn to differentiate between threats and normal situations. He must be in society throughout his life. You can use it to visit friends and neighbors, go to local stores, etc. He will greet people you invite into the house, but other strangers may expect a cold shoulder.

Schnauzers can be a good choice for families with children, but parents should always supervise the interaction between dog and child. They also get along well with other pets, including cats, but can be aggressive towards dogs they don't know. This dog must have access to the yard, but when the family is in the house, the schnauzer must be nearby.

Portuguese water dog

A working breed, its purpose is to always help a person in everything. This determines the main qualities: good learning ability, sharp mind, lack of aggression, excellent flexible character. Ready to protect, guard, hunt, work as a rescuer, both on land and on water. Belongs to rare and expensive breeds. The coat does not shed and has water-repellent properties, which makes it a very good pet for an apartment.

Size Chart Portuguese Water Dog
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)up to 35 cmup to 39up to 5 kg

The puppies gain weight well, more than 1.5 kg every month. From the age of 2 months, this breed can be trained to wear equipment and behave in society. From 3 months, simple exercises and commands are offered. With the right approach, they are easy to learn and have a positive attitude towards the process.

Top 10 most intelligent and loyal large breed dogs in the world: photos, names of breeds, rating

Large dogs are considered to be those four-legged animals that weigh from 25 kg to 90 kg or more. Caring for such pets is somewhat different from caring for small and medium-sized breeds, however, this does not mean that it is more difficult.

  1. The German Shepherd will top our rating. These dogs gained their popularity quite a long time ago and have not lost it to this day. Representatives of this breed are incredibly smart and loyal. Quadrupeds are distinguished by obedience and balance. The Shepherd always knows its place in the house and never pretends to take the place of leader. These dogs love children very much and are ready to give their lives if necessary for their owner. Shepherds learn easily and quickly, but your pet needs to be trained from childhood.


  2. 2nd place went to the Golden Retriever. These dogs are distinguished by their great generosity and kindness. These pets are very caring and understanding. They love their owner and unquestioningly listen to his commands. The Golden Retriever is an ideal dog for family people. After all, such a dog will protect you, lift your spirits, and look after your children. These four-legged animals are distinguished by the fact that they do not know how to show aggression at all and show this side only in case of real danger.


  3. Labrador takes 3rd place. Representatives of this breed are good-natured dogs that have proven themselves as hunters, guides and nannies. The four-legged animals are very active and love games and children. They will never offend their owner or other family members. Pets can be trained quickly and easily. Labrador
  4. 4th place honorably goes to Newfoundland dogs. These dogs make excellent family four-legged dogs. The character of these pets simply cannot but delight. Balance, flexibility, patience and courage - all this is about this breed. Newfoundlands are dogs that quickly become attached to their owner, family and home, as well as other pets who live with them. Representatives of this breed cannot stand long separation from their family. If necessary, such a dog will easily protect the owner and other family members, although in a calm environment this breed does not even bark.


  5. This position is occupied by the Saint Bernard breed. The character of these animals is sometimes surprising: balanced, reasonable, understanding and calm. It is quite difficult to anger such a dog, with the exception of situations in which the owners of the animals are threatened by something. In such cases, the St. Bernard will run to save its owner without hesitation. These four-legged dogs are attached to children and other family members and love spending time together. These dogs are easy to train, but despite their unquestioning obedience, they always act very carefully and carefully.

    Saint Bernard

  6. In 6th place are Doberman dogs. Representatives of this breed have a very capricious and serious character, so they need to be raised responsibly from childhood. If you manage to win over the animal, in return you will receive its love, care and protection. Children are treated with caution and are not shown much love, so if there are children in the house, you must clearly let the dog know that the child is more important than her.


  7. The Rottweiler takes 7th place. It must be said right away that these dogs are very dangerous and need training from a very early age - from 2 months. These pets listen only to their owner, and only if he is an authority for them. However, if this dog has already chosen its owner, it will be his best friend and reliable protector. Such a dog is ready to protect to the death. If there are children in the family, then the dog needs to be raised in such a way that it clearly understands that the child is the most important in the house, and disobedience in this regard will result in serious punishment.


  8. In 8th place is Akita Inu. These dogs are very loyal protectors. The dog loves and protects his owner, but in a calm environment he will not even bark. It can be trained easily and quickly, however, this four-legged animal must be trained from childhood. If there are other animals in the house, then the Akita will easily find a common language with them. Akita Inu
  9. 9th place goes to the pit bull. Of course, the opinion about this breed is very ambiguous. There are a huge number of cases of pit bulls attacking people, but it is important to note the fact that a trained dog is unlikely to behave this way. Moreover, these four-legged animals were originally intended to be nannies and this is in their blood. Pit bulls are loyal, devoted dogs that require attention and proper care. If you create the right conditions for this dog, you will never regret having him. Pitbull
  10. And our rating is completed by Boxer dogs. In skillful hands, such dogs turn into excellent guards and loyal friends. The devotion of Boxers is truly amazing: in case of danger and necessity, they will rush to the defense of their owner without any doubt. There is no need to hide the fact that boxers are still darlings, so without active pastime and regular exercise, they will certainly “delight” you with some trick, like torn curtains.


Samoyed dog

An incredibly active, cheerful and friendly dog ​​that makes a family member and companion. It is easy to train if it respects its owner. She recognizes only one “leader”, to whom she will be faithful and devoted until the end of her days. They are a pack breed that require a lot of attention, care and long walks.

Samoyed Dog Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)25-3528-387-8

Puppies at 3 months (the ideal age to adopt) are hyperactive, so it is worth putting fragile things away. During teething, it is worth monitoring your pet's behavior. With a good selection of food, puppies grow quite well, gaining 2-2.5 kg per month.

The best and kindest dog breeds

The ideal choice for a child is a non-aggressive, friendly friend. The dog must patiently endure all the “tricks” of the child. Treats him with tenderness and care. In this case, it is not the size of the animal that plays a big role, but its character traits. Here is a list of dog breeds that are considered the most suitable for families with children.

English bulldog

The history of the origin of the species goes back to the 16th century, when the ancestors of modern animals were bred exclusively to participate in bloody fights with bulls. They had strong teeth, a well-developed jaw and powerful muscles. Fierce and cruel creatures were kept in special enclosures and aroused the fear of others.

Over time, the practice of fighting was stopped, and dogs were no longer needed. Only at the beginning of the 19th century, through the efforts of fans of this breed, selection work began. As a result, once fighting dogs, English Bulldogs are now completely devoid of anger and aggression. But the genetic past left a legacy in the form of a rather capricious and stubborn character.

Dogs are exceptionally smart and quick-witted. They are somewhat slow. Therefore, training requires increased patience from the owner. Adult dogs weigh up to 25 kg , height at the withers is up to 40 cm . Coat type: shorthair. Life expectancy is up to 10 years.

Considering the size of the dog, obstinacy of character and some slowness, the breed is suitable for children with a calm, phlegmatic temperament. Dogs prefer to lie peacefully next to their owner most of the time. A calm, long walk and inactive play are what make the English Bulldog a comfortable, unobtrusive companion.

The English Bulldog is an ideal choice for families who prefer a calm, slow pace of existence to an active lifestyle. If a child is a homebody, does not like to be outside for a long time and at the same time has a lot of free time, a dog will fit perfectly into his daily routine.

Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgis belong to the herding class. There are two types of this breed, which differ significantly from each other. Welsh Corgi Cardigan – up to 30 cm , weighing up to 14 kg and has a hard double coat of any color. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is usually no taller than 27 cm , weighs up to 12 kg and is a softer six red, golden or fawn in color, with white patches on the chest.
Pembrokes have become more widespread because they have an attractive, endearing appearance. On the other hand, cardigans are considered to have better performance in comparison. Regardless of the variety, dogs are very kind and warm towards children and always follow their little owners.

Quite energetic and cheerful, they love outdoor games and enjoy spending time outside. Given the thick undercoat, they prefer the cold season. Get along well with other pets.

They are friendly towards strangers and do not annoy them with barking for no reason. The psyche is balanced, while cardigans are calmer, more self-possessed and alert. Both subspecies are easy to train and can learn a command the second time around. The only drawback is the tendency to be overweight, so the nutrition of such a pet must be subject to strict rules. Welsh Corgis live a long time - up to 15 years.

Extremely positive, Welsh Corgis are able to adapt to any rules and are perfect for families with several children. Active play is the favorite pastime of these dogs, and their extremely careful attitude towards babies will allow parents not to worry when leaving their children alone with their pet.


Hunting dog bred in Croatia, Dalmatia region. Quite large, up to 61 cm at the withers and weighing up to 32 kg , it is preferable to keep the Dalmatian in a country house.
They have a high level of activity and require significant daily exercise. Without long-term walking, they can become stubborn and disobedient. More suitable for teenagers with physical fitness of at least average level . The ideal option for a walk is running, jumping, training on the site. Dalmatians are dogs with a lively, active temperament, self-confident and very sociable. To avoid problems with obedience, it is recommended to take an OKD course.

They get along well with other pets, provided they interact from puppyhood. In relation to young children, they are capable of showing feelings of jealousy, which requires increased attention from adults.

Males can show aggression towards male dogs and strangers. However, as a rule, such manifestations can be easily corrected with the help of an experienced dog handler. In general, the breed is friendly, sociable, and has a high degree of trainability. Life expectancy is 10-13 years.

The Dalmatian is an ideal choice for families with children, but take into account the age of the child . The dog is proud and will not tolerate childish familiarity. They build trusting relationships with school-age children. They will protect and protect them.

With the help of this breed, you can force a teenager to look away from the computer and go for a run with your pet. A dog will bring a stream of optimism into a child’s life, as it is particularly cheerful. A Dalmatian will become a true and loyal friend for a child if you teach the latter how to properly handle the animal.

Jack Russell Terrier

A small English hunting dog designed for hunting foxes hidden in holes. Taking into account this specificity, terriers are small in stature, up to 30 cm , and weigh no more than 6 kg .
The coat is short and smooth, which is ideal for “working” in the dark, damp shelter of predators. The dog has an inexhaustible source of energy and is suitable only for active people who have the opportunity to be outdoors with it for a long time. Otherwise, the pet’s lively disposition will find a way out in various pranks, damage to property and disobedience. Long walks are preferred, including running, active games, and chasing a ball.

Jack Russell Terriers, despite their small weight, have a very strong jerk. Therefore, you should not trust small children or elderly people to walk your dog. The hunter's instinct can kick in at any moment, and it will be difficult to keep the “beast” at bay. In addition, owners of terriers note that they can be willful and stubborn, and they can have significantly developed traits of dominance.

Parents who purchase a Jack Russell Terrier puppy for a child are required to be directly involved in raising the dog.

Those who have children over 10-11 years old should choose this dog. At this age, teenagers are already able to make responsible decisions and fully participate in training the Jack Russell Terrier. The latter is a necessary condition for keeping a dog of this species.

Active, targeted activities with a pet will allow a teenager to increase the level of self-organization, as well as to feel important in family affairs. This will have a beneficial effect on the teenager’s motivation and self-esteem.

Golden retriever

Owners of Golden Retrievers claim that they are the most patient and friendly dogs. They belong to the hunting class and have qualities such as endurance and energy. Their excellent sense of smell allows them to be used in rescue operations.

Representatives of this breed are devoid of aggression and have no signs of dominant behavior. Given their gentle, non-conflict nature, it is golden retrievers that are most often used for therapeutic purposes to work in boarding schools and hospices.

The stable, balanced psyche of dogs is the main reason why families with small children choose them as a four-legged friend.

Animals emit positive energy and evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility. Suitable for children of any age, they can correct behavioral disorders associated with feelings of melancholy and loneliness. It seems that the soft, golden fur, like a ray of light, has the ability to “transform” the owner’s bad mood into a smile.

They interact well with other animals. Dogs love water and enthusiastically take the opportunity to take a dip in any body of water they encounter during a walk. Height reaches 61 cm , weight up to 41 kg . Life expectancy is 10-12 years.

It is not for nothing that the Golden Retriever occupies one of the first places in the ranking of “family” dogs. We can rightfully say that communication with him will benefit a child of any gender and temperament. Taking into account the working characteristics of the Golden Retriever, zero level of aggression, the dog is able to “read” the emotional state of the little owner and choose the only correct style of behavior for each specific situation.

With endless warmth, she will equally become a support in difficult, sad moments of life and will be an excellent companion in a joyful, carefree period of development.


A herding dog with an exceptionally peaceful character. It owes its origin to the highlands located on the border of Scotland and Northern England. Unlike some of its brothers, for example, shepherd dogs of various breeds, it is not aggressive. Adapts well to the owner's temperament and is suitable for both active people and families leading a measured lifestyle. Smart, curious, keenly interested in what is happening. Often during walks they take on the role of guardian for younger family members.

They prefer to be in close proximity to their owner, making them an ideal companion for a child. They are quite trainable, happy to perform various tasks and learn new commands. Ready for long, intense exercise - they can easily run 20 km, accompanying the owner on a bike ride.

Collie is a large dog. Males reach 60 cm and weigh up to 30 kg . Females are slightly smaller. The coat type is longhaired and requires daily brushing. Collies are long-lived, with an average age of 14 to 16 years.

Collies are an ideal friend and protector for a child; they pose no danger even to small children. They will feel best in the company of an active teenager who practices roller skating, skateboarding or cycling. He happily accompanies his owner on walks in the woods or in the park.


The Newfoundland is a unique dog. Despite its impressive size (height 61 cm , weight reaches 70 kg ), it is completely devoid of aggression towards humans. No wonder. For a long time, its main task was to help the residents of the Canadian island of the same name in fishing. Helping people pull nets, rescuing catches and, sometimes, unlucky fishermen from the water, the dog gradually turned into the best assistant and companion of its kind.

Modern individuals are distinguished by the fact that they have an innate protective attitude towards people, especially small children. On the other hand, given the harsh climatic conditions of their habitat, Newfoundlands have acquired the ability to make independent decisions in dangerous situations. Fearless, they react instantly in cases where a person might be confused. First of all, this applies to reservoirs.

A person falling into water is a signal to action. Often a dog reacts before a person and successfully pulls a child who is playing or a stumbled adult ashore. Incredibly social creatures, they require attention and constant communication. It is vital for them to be in close proximity to humans. Unfortunately, like most large dogs, Newfoundlands only live 8-10 years. But for this short time they will make any family a little happier.

Despite its size, the Newfoundland will certainly become a child's best friend. It is especially important to purchase this dog for a family living in their own home near a pond. Representatives of this breed have the innate ability to accurately assess the level of danger threatening a person.

An immediate reaction to a threat, selfless devotion and love - accompanied by such an “escort”, a child’s walk will turn into a pleasant, and, most importantly, safe promenade even in the dark.


The Papillon is a variety of continental toy spaniel with erect ears. A decorative dog, no more than 25 cm and often weighing no more than 4 kg .
The dogs are famous for their exceptional positive attitude towards others and their complete lack of aggressive behavior. Peace-loving, cheerful, energetic, they are able to enjoy the game 24 hours a day. Papillons have excellent health, live up to 15 years and do not require special conditions. The only exception is the care of long, silky hair. Also, the pet must be washed once every 1-2 weeks. They highly depend on the mood of the owner. Perfect for families with a large number of children, as they require constant attention and communication. It is recommended to have a large supply of toys and not leave the “baby” for a long time.

In the absence of human contact, the dog will experience severe stress and malaise. They easily learn simple commands and circus tricks, and become an indispensable companion for a child in fun, active games.

Papillon is an ideal option for large families. Dogs are open to communication and will accompany both children aged 5-7 years and older children with great pleasure. The positive energy emanating from these dogs can capture the attention of little fidgets for a long time, and the need to care for a pet will help older children learn such qualities as caring for others, responsibility and punctuality.

Giant Schnauzer

Bavarian Cattle Dog with exceptional working characteristics. Quite large ( up to 70 cm ) and heavy ( up to 47 kg ), the Giant Schnauzer is suitable for teenagers aged 12-13 years .
They are distinguished by a very balanced psyche, intelligent and amenable to training no worse than representatives of service breeds. An undoubted advantage in choosing this breed is its unpretentiousness, as well as its innate ability to exist in any conditions. Extremely loyal, they get along well in families with small children, whom they treat responsibly, without jealousy or aggression.

They have a pronounced defensive reaction. The impressive appearance will scare away any stranger. An interesting feature of this breed is its “human” facial expressions. The whole range of emotions is easily recognizable - joy, sadness, guilt. Dogs are very smart and quick-witted; to develop their intelligence, training must include developmental tasks - search games, practicing the commands “search” and “sniff”.

The disadvantages include the dog's dietary habits - an adult Giant Schnauzer, in addition to vegetables and fermented milk products, requires about 1 kg of meat per day.

The Giant Schnauzer will be an ideal companion for a teenager who is ready to spend a lot of time outdoors. The inquisitive nature of the dog and its need for “mental” exercise will undoubtedly contribute to the mental development of the owner.

By going through various quests and completing tasks together, a teenager will quickly be able to master such useful skills as logical constructions and the ability to clearly formulate a goal and the means to achieve it. Life expectancy is 12-15 years.


The dachshund is a hunting breed bred to catch beavers, badgers and other mammals of the mustelid family. Has an excellent sense of smell and a clear voice. An exceptionally active and agile dog. Famous for his intelligence and intelligence. There are three types of dachshunds:

  1. Standard (height 25 cm, weight up to 9 kg);
  2. Dwarf (height 20 cm, weight up to 5 kg);
  3. Rabbit (height up to 15 cm, weight 3.5 kg).

Life expectancy is high - with proper care it can be 15 years. More often there are smooth-haired individuals that do not require special skills in maintenance. Regardless of the subspecies, dogs are very devoted to their owner and require constant contact with him. It must be borne in mind that the dog cannot be alone for a long time. Therefore, the dachshund is suitable for people who have the opportunity to devote a sufficient amount of time to it.

They have a high level of intelligence and are easy to train. Very inquisitive, impetuous, with enormous energy potential. They are unable to sit in one place for a long time and are ready to play with any objects. Preference is given to playing together with the owner - on walks they will happily bring balls, sticks, and flying discs over and over again. They will fit best into a family that leads an active lifestyle and often goes outdoors.

The dachshund of any of the three varieties very quickly becomes a favorite in any family that takes long walks, including in public places. Perfect for indecisive and shy children. Accompanied by such a sociable friend, the child will be able to learn relaxed, open interaction with others - first with the owners of other dogs, and subsequently with other people.

Buying a dog for a child is an act that should be well thought out by adult family members. When choosing a breed, you should be guided not only by the living conditions and temperament of the pet. It is important to explain to the little person that a dog is a living creature that has its own character, psycho-emotional characteristics and requires care and attention.

Chow chow

Companions that bond closely with their owners. They have a jealous sense of possessiveness and do not show aggression or timidity. A surprise from a good-natured and sweet dog can be wariness towards strangers, so you should not insist on the animal’s attention. Not an active breed, which will be ideal for keeping in an apartment, on a soft, cozy sofa.

Chow Chow Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)25-30up to 408-10

On average, puppies gain 2 kg per month after birth to 6 months. During the junior molt, hormonal changes around 6 months, decreased appetite and lack of weight gain may be observed. After passing through the youth period, everything is compensated.

TOP 10 large dog breeds for children


The Labrador Retriever is rightfully considered the best companion dog for families with children! Labradors love children, adults, other pets... in general, Labradors love everyone, especially those who give food! These dogs are well suited for active people who spend a lot of time outdoors, as Labradors love to swim and play in the snow. If you are not a homebody, then the Labrador will be an excellent companion for the whole family.

Read the full description of the Labrador breed

Golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are considered one of the friendliest dog breeds. The breed was bred to hunt waterfowl, so Goldens love to swim, frolic in the fresh air and spend a lot of time in active games with children. In addition, representatives of the breed are, of course, fabulously beautiful! An excellent option for an active family with a child.

Read the full description of the Golden Retriever breed

Bernese Mountain Dog

Representatives of this breed, as well as Newfoundlands and St. Bernards, may seem too large for a child, however, Berns are excellent family dogs! They are gentle, affectionate and friendly, patient and simply adore children. These are very smart and easy to train dogs, they practically do not bark and are completely non-aggressive towards people and other animals.

All in all, the Bernese Mountain Dog is an ideal family dog, as long as you have room for such a giant.

Read the full description of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed


These huge cuties are considered excellent nannies for small children. The dog will be very careful and attentive with children, and will never offend or show aggression. However, remember that the Newfoundland is unlikely to be suitable for a small apartment. The best option for such a dog would be a private house with a plot and a pond nearby.

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Saint Bernard

A Saint Bernard is a big dog, but no, it’s a very big dog! As a rule, St. Bernards are very calm and get along well with children, but you should remember that the St. Bernard needs to be trained from early childhood, only then will this cutie become your ideal pet; if you don’t, this sweet giant will simply destroy your house!

However, this applies to a dog of any breed, it’s just that small dogs cause less damage;). If you raise a St. Bernard well, he will become a wonderful friend to your children!

Read the full description of the Saint Bernard breed


Anyone who has seen the film about the legendary collie named Lassie considers representatives of this breed to be amazing pets. These dogs are very smart and loyal to children, even when they are too annoying. Despite their slightly “glamorous” appearance, collies are working dogs, so with proper training they will become not only a friend, but also an excellent protector for your child.

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German Shepherd

People often perceive German Shepherds solely as service and guard dogs. They really have amazing qualities for service, but Germans are also great for families with children. These are super-smart dogs, very patient and loyal to any child, wonderful companions and play partners. And of course, the Germans are excellent protectors for the whole family.

Read the full description of the German Shepherd breed

Irish Setter

The beautiful and graceful Irish Setter is a hunting dog with a stunningly kind disposition. You should not get an Irishman if you are a couch potato by nature, because this guy needs long walks with the opportunity to lose his colossal energy. But for an active family, a pet can become an excellent training companion.

Read the full description of the Irish Setter breed


The Airedale Terrier's cheerful disposition and high level of activity make it a good family dog. Representatives of this breed are very smart, quite capable of undergoing training and becoming real protectors for the whole family. Representatives of the breed get along well with other animals, but it should be remembered that Airedales need to be properly trained and socialized from early childhood.

Considering the size and restlessness of the dog, as well as the independent terrier disposition, we would not recommend this breed for families with small children, but for a schoolchild the Erdel will easily become a beloved and faithful friend!

Read the full description of the Airedale Terrier breed

German boxer

Boxers look quite tough at first glance, but this impression is deceiving! These are very gentle dogs that adore children so much that they often begin to treat them as their own! These dogs need a lot of physical activity and training from early childhood. If you give this to your pet, he will grow up to be a great friend and protector for your children.

Read the full description of the German Boxer breed

When choosing a dog for a child, regardless of the breed, you should remember that a dog is, first of all, an animal that has innate instincts. A dog cannot be a toy or temporary entertainment for a child. Regardless of which breed you choose, we recommend that you first read our article - A Dog for a Child. What to do if children ask for a dog.

Miniature Schnauzer

An energetic, sociable, intelligent and devoted friend, not without hunting qualities, can be used for search work. He has a healthy amount of self-esteem, but is submissive, easy to train, and amenable to training. To moderate the energy and minimize the resulting furniture damage, you need to come up with a task for the dog. The meaning of her life is to serve people; in her responsibilities, she will forget about petty pranks in the house.

Miniature Schnauzer Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)3034-365-6

It is important to be careful when choosing a puppy and pay attention to the weight and height of the animal, as they are often confused with a miniature schnauzer. The data for a 3-month-old puppy is shown in the table; a baby of the second breed will be 8-10 cm lower at the withers by this age, and will also have half the weight. Unless, of course, the seller cheats with the date of birth.

Top 10 most intelligent and loyal dogs in the world from small breeds: photos, names of breeds, rating

It is important to immediately note the fact that the devotion of a four-legged dog depends not so much on the breed, but on its character and how its owners treat it.

  1. The Russian toy takes 1st place in our ranking. This dog breed has proven itself to be incredibly friendly and sociable pets. This dog is a true companion who will not leave your side day or night. Having chosen an owner, he will be devoted to him and will carry this feeling throughout his life, because these dogs are not characterized by a change of owners. The breed is very active and you need to be prepared for this. With the arrival of a Russian Toy puppy in the house, everything changes, because the dog needs constant attention and care.


  2. The toy poodle took 2nd place. This dog is an exact copy of a regular poodle, but in a smaller form. These four-legged animals have good intellectual abilities, so they can be trained without any problems. Despite its relatively small size and friendliness, such a dog will always protect its owners, in particular small children. It is important to say that the toy poodle is a self-sufficient dog, and therefore will always require attention and respect. Toy poodle
  3. 3rd place goes to the Chihuahua. This breed of dog is distinguished by its special mobility and kindness. There are a lot of stereotypical opinions that the Chihuahua is an exclusively decorative dog that is not capable of anything else. However, this opinion is false. Dogs of this breed are very smart and obedient, and with proper upbringing and training, they will definitely show these qualities. If there are children in the house, then choosing this particular breed will be very justified, since Chihuahuas are great with kids and know how to entertain them. Chihuahua
  4. In 4th place is the Maltese dog. The Maltese, as this dog breed is also called, is a very beautiful and intelligent dog. The dog is very energetic and active, loves games and attention. The dog is distinguished by the fact that it is quite strongly attached to its owners. Maltese
  5. 5th place goes to the Japanese Spaniel. This breed is one of the most ancient when it comes to small dogs. Even in ancient times, the Japanese spaniel was a very popular dog, so almost every person respected at that time had such a dog. In addition to the fact that these four-legged animals are incredibly cute, they are also quite smart. Dogs of this breed can master about 30 or even more commands without any problems.

    Japanese Spaniel

  6. This position is occupied by the Pomeranian Spitz. Cute furry babies very quickly become attached to their owner and home, so it is very difficult for them to endure separation from family members. Dogs of this breed are very active and hardy, they love to frolic and play. Despite the fact that the four-legged dogs of this breed look more like a toy than a living dog, they are distinguished by their intelligence and resourcefulness.

    Pomeranian Spitz

  7. In 7th place is the Yorkshire Terrier. Another miniature dog breed. Four-legged animals of this breed are also considered companions, so only those who need a devoted and faithful friend should have them. Such a dog understands his owner at just one glance, and only his own laziness or desire to play at that moment can prevent him from fulfilling the given command. Yorick
  8. This place goes to dogs of the Griffon breed. The appearance of these dogs is very impressive. These four-legged dogs are characterized as very brave, active and loyal dogs. Griffons can also boast of good behavior and manners, because they never make noise and always listen to the owner’s commands.


  9. In 9th place are dogs of the French lapdog breed. The character of these dogs is very soft and flexible. Lapdogs always sense their owner's mood very well and, if possible, try to improve it. The breed is particularly sensitive, understanding and loyal. These four-legged animals know how to be friends and get along with other pets. It is important to draw the attention of everyone who wants to get such a dog to the fact that this breed does not tolerate loneliness at all.

    French lap dog

  10. And our rating will be completed by a Papillon dog. These dogs are distinguished by their beautiful appearance and docile character. This breed is great for families with small children, as these four-legged dogs know how to get along with kids. A dog of this breed is distinguished by its intelligence and loyalty. Papillons quickly adapt to the family and have a very hard time being separated from their owners.


Border Collie

The dogs are hyperactive and active; they were previously used on herding pastures, which resulted in their main qualities: freedom-loving, flexible, efficient, good trainability, and high intelligence. Owners should think in advance about the scheme of training, walking and activities. Such an animal should not be bored; it constantly requires attention and exercise for mental and physical development.

Border Collie Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)30-34up to 408

The ideal time for choosing puppies is 2-2.5 months, which is due to the fact that they quickly get used to their owners. At a later time, they may not recognize the new owner.

Buy a puppy with documents, since sometimes even professionals cannot distinguish a border collie by sight.

Top 10 most intelligent and loyal dogs in the world from medium breeds: photos, names of breeds, rating

Medium breed dogs are no less popular than small dogs. They can also be kept in a house or apartment if desired, without causing damage to either the premises or the animal itself.

Medium breeds include dogs whose weight ranges from 12 to 25 kg:

  1. In 1st place is the Border Collie. Dogs of this breed are unusually smart and obedient, but only if you immediately explain to them the rules of the “game”. Since these four-legged animals are independent and self-sufficient animals, they make independent decisions without problems and know how to act correctly in different situations. Collies love children very much and cope well with them, acting as “nannies” in these relationships. The breed is unpretentious in care, however, it still likes to demand attention to its person.

    1st place

  2. Sheltie takes 2nd place. These dogs love an active lifestyle; sitting still is not an easy task for them. This dog loves attention very much, but at the same time knows how to keep himself busy. If there are children in the house, then the Sheltie will become their best friend, as she loves children and knows how to protect them. Dogs of this breed are capable of small tricks and pranks, but only if their energy does not find the right direction. Therefore, once you get such a dog, you will have to walk him a lot and give him physical activity.


  3. The Australian Shepherd takes 3rd place. Dogs of this breed have proven themselves to be good shepherds. But this is not the only thing that made this breed famous. These four-legged animals are very loyal and devoted friends. There is an important point in raising these dogs that cannot be ignored under any circumstances: the animal must be taught from childhood, because if the dog is not taught commands and obedience, its instincts will take over. In this case, the dog will act as a shepherd in your house: bite your legs and collect all things in one secluded place. Beautiful breed
  4. The 4th position is occupied by the beagle. These dogs are very lively and differ in that they cannot sit still. Always happy to play with children and owners. Four-legged animals are distinguished by their courage; if necessary, they will protect their owners and are well trained. It is important to know that dogs of this breed need long walks and active exercise.


  5. 5th place goes to dachshund dogs. Dachshunds are willful dogs that do not like to be forced to do anything, so these pets cannot be trained through force. Despite this, in general they respond well to training and learn quite quickly. At home, the dog behaves very calmly and tries to be with its owner all the time.


  6. In 6th place is the French bulldog. These four-legged animals are highly trainable and know how to listen to their owner, however, they need to be trained from childhood, because their playful nature can take over. Even a trained and trained dog will play pranks from time to time, because that’s his temperament. These pets get along well with children and accept them. They love their owner very much and are often jealous of other animals, and sometimes even people.


  7. This position belongs to the Welsh Corgi. The dog is very sociable and very rarely causes trouble for its owner. The four-legged animals of this breed are distinguished by their prudence and seriousness. At the right moment, they will easily come to the aid of a person and will not leave him in trouble. Welsh Corgis are able to sense the state of their owner and react to changes in his mood. Welsh Corgi
  8. 8th place is occupied by the American Cocker Spaniel. These dogs are among the most loyal and intelligent. The Cocker Spaniel is a very sensitive dog that always chooses its owner. This animal is very active and sociable, knows how to get along with children and other animals, although sometimes it can be jealous of them. Since this breed of dog is a hunting dog, we can say with confidence that, if necessary, such a pet will be able to protect its owner.

    American breed

  9. The 9th position is occupied by a breed called the Boston Terrier. This small dog has a very stubborn character. Having brought such a miracle into the house, it is necessary to immediately set all the boundaries and show him who is boss in the house. You also need to train your dog from childhood. Representatives of this breed are very lively and cheerful, they love games and children.

    Boston Terrier

  10. 10th place belongs to the Russian spaniel. Dogs of this breed have a very interesting character. They love their owner very much and quickly become attached to the house, but these are not the animals that will allow you to “squeeze” them whenever you want, so immediately take this fact into account. This dog needs daily care and exercise, otherwise it will begin to get rid of excess energy through excessive pampering.

Russian breed
This, of course, is not all breeds of smart and loyal dogs. There are also a huge number of other, no less well-mannered and noble breeds. Remember, almost any dog ​​will make you happy if you are sufficiently involved in its upbringing.

Breton epañol

A very, very active dog that can start working from a very early age. Capable of learning, has a good mind and a pleasant character. It needs not only long walks, but also physical and mental exercise. Must be constantly at work. Well suited for hunting and search work. If you buy a puppy for the soul, you will have to devote a lot of time to it. Future owners should remember that this is a hunting dog that needs constant activity and running in nature.

Size Chart Breton Epagnole
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)up to 34up to 403-5

Depending on their bone structure, puppies will gain weight at different rates. Males will be larger even at the juvenile stage. With proper nutrition, on average, a puppy should gain 1.5-2 kg per month. Before purchasing, carefully check the documents, since most often kennel puppies are registered several matings in advance, and selling secondhand does not always indicate the purchase of a purebred puppy.

Large dogs for children

These dogs are 99% purchased for the family; everyone living in the house takes part in their upbringing to a lesser or greater extent. However, in the category of large dogs there are many options with an easy-going character and love for people. An obstacle to getting just such a pet can be their size and, in some cases, their breed purpose (guarding, hunting, etc.). The best dog breeds for children in the large size category:

  1. The Newfoundland is a pet with a phlegmatic character, does not require constant attention, is loyal and kind.
  2. Saint Bernard - Similar to the Newfoundland, there are two varieties: long-haired and short-haired.
  3. Leonberger are relatively small (about 50 kg), without malice, and do not require special care.
  4. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a loyal pet, cheerful, and does not require special coat care.
  5. The Bobtail is a large, furry dog ​​with a friendly personality.

Most of these breeds require regular washing and brushing. Otherwise, they are unpretentious and can live both in an outdoor enclosure and in an apartment. In small rooms they are almost invisible, but the child must be careful when playing with them. Therefore, puppies of large breeds are trained and raised from an early age, for example, they are not encouraged to jump with their paws on a person’s shoulders . Many of them surprisingly carefully take the treat from their hands, barely touching the palm with their lips. If initially everything is fine mentally, then they grow up to be worthy pets and all problems arise due to the lack of proper upbringing.

Important: washing and drying a bobtail takes, on average, 5–6 hours, the same for a Newfoundland. If the coat is not dried during the cold season, the dog may catch a cold, and diaper rash and eczema will appear on the skin.

Large service dog breeds have contact with children provided they behave well, but a child will not have enough experience to teach such a pet the basics of behavior in a family without the help of adults. Shepherd dogs and guards often live in peace and friendship with their little owners. Large breeds suitable for children:

  • Moscow watchdog;
  • Central asian shepherd dog;
  • Giant Schnauzer;
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog;
  • German dog;
  • Cane Corso;
  • Spanish Mastiff;
  • Doberman;
  • Neapolitan Mastiff.

Do not forget that they weigh on average 50–80 kg, which can cause injury when playing with children. While walking, a small jerk turns into a fall for an adult. Also among service dogs there are independent individuals who make decisions without a command, so their owner must be a person who is confident in himself and in contact with the pet.

Shar Pei

Previously used as a fighting dog, but now classified as guards and companions. He has a noble character and a sharp mind. The Shar Pei is very loyal to its owner, has courage, and will become an excellent protector. These dogs need good physical activity to build muscle mass and have a beautiful appearance. In the absence of these, excess weight quickly gains, and you will need to follow a diet.

Shar Pei Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)32-34up to 40until 9-10

With the right diet, the puppy grows and gains weight very quickly. On average, it will increase to 3-3.5 kg per month up to 6 months. Then the gain decreases and up to 1 year it is about 2-2.5 kg for the same period. By one and a half years it reaches the size of an adult dog.

Medium size herding dog breeds

Australian Shepherd

The breed is famous for its excellent performance and sharp intelligence. No matter how strange it may sound, its homeland is not Australia, but America. The dog was introduced to drive farm sheep. Modern Australian Shepherds that are used for this mission are excellent at it.

Good nature and the absence of bestial anger made the dog not only a useful “cattle breeder”, but also a good companion. She sincerely loves the owner and all members of his family. Such attachment to humans served as the reason for another purpose of the breed - accompanying blind people.

The animal has a bright appearance. It has long silky fur of different shades. Most often, black and white individuals are found. The Australian Shepherd has a very expressive, focused gaze. It is worth noting that she is not too fond of other master’s pets, however, she adores his children.

Border Collie

Classic "dog shepherd". The breed was bred in England to make life easier for farmers. She is distinguished by endurance, good eyesight and attentiveness. Under the supervision of a border collie, not a single sheep will be able to move further than 1 meter from the herd.

Thanks to its sharp mind, this dog can easily be taught any known commands. The Booder Collie is one of the most savvy breeds. She is able not only to blindly follow the commands of her master-shepherd, but also to take initiative, keeping an eye on the herd.

But it also has a drawback. This dog, which has not received love and care from its owner, will grow up stubborn and disobedient. She can even growl at her owner's family members if they force her to do anything. It is not easy to tame the obstinate temperament of a border collie. But, if you pay due attention to the process of her upbringing, then such difficulties probably will not arise.

These dogs have long, smooth hair that is brown or black. The animal's breast is always white. Never hurt your Border Collie because she won't forget it. An offended dog of this breed will not be able to learn to trust you again.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Despite anti-advertising in the media, it is a family dog ​​breed. Amstaffs get along well with children, forgiving all their pranks, and are ready to protect and protect. An innate sense of situation analysis allows you to quickly assess the situation and make a decision, thanks to which they are considered the best defenders, but properly socialized ones never show aggression towards people and other animals.

Size Chart American Staffordshire Terrier
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)30-3633-409-12

With a properly selected diet and regular physical activity, puppies gain 3-4 kg per month, reaching a weight of about 20-25 kg by the age of one year. Rapid development requires serious mental and physical training with the animal.


Adult dog weight: from 14 to 27 kg. The height at the withers is from 43 to 53 cm. Completely opposite character traits coexist in this breed: poise is adjacent to amazing fighting qualities, wisdom is combined with childish spontaneity.

A pit bull always remains faithful to its owner and will never show its leadership qualities around him. Pit bulls prefer not to show aggression, but it can manifest itself if the dog is left to its own devices for a long time.

This breed has a bad reputation as killer dogs. And, although animals are not to blame for the criminal acts of their owners, before you plan to travel with a pit bull, make sure that the breed is not banned in the country you are going to. For example, in the UK, pit bulls are strictly prohibited; the breed cannot not only be bred, but also kept at home.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Powerful and massive dogs, dexterous, brave, strong, but with proper socialization, good-natured and completely without aggression. Despite the notoriety that the breed has received due to its participation in dog fighting, the pit bull is an excellent companion, protector and nanny for children. Such dogs love their family, are friendly to guests, and are ready to protect their owners loyally and free of charge, at the cost of their own lives.

American Pit Bull Terrier Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)30-3634-408-13

Puppies grow up very quickly, gaining more than 3 kg per month. In childhood, special attention should be paid to the socialization of the dog, its communication with people and other animals, which will help to completely eliminate aggressive behavior in the future. In adolescence, from 6 months to 1.5 years, attempts are possible to establish oneself as the leader of the pack; it is important to control this moment, loading the dog with mental and physical work, avoiding unnecessary behavior.

Medium-sized fighting dog breeds

Bull Terrier

This breed is one of the most “scandalous” in the dog world. Some people believe that a more faithful dog than a bull terrier cannot be found in the whole world, while others believe that he is a bloodthirsty killer. The fact is that numerous cases of his attacks on people ended in dire consequences.

However, practice shows that a well-mannered dog of this breed behaves with restraint or indifference towards strangers. It is not recommended for an inexperienced dog breeder to own a Bull Terrier. If improperly trained, he can become uncontrollable.

Advice! Harnesses for medium breed dogs will help make educational work easier . If your four-legged dog tries to pull on you while walking, tighten them. The Bull Terrier's build is massive and slender. Its weight is about 30 kg.

A distinctive feature of the breed is its large, elongated muzzle, on which there are small, deep-set eyes. Despite its notoriety, this four-legged friend is very gentle with his owner and will never let him be offended.

American Bulldog

Another representative of the dog world who does not have an impeccable reputation. Like the Bull Terrier, the American Bulldog has a massive build. Its body weight can reach 50 kg. Many years ago this breed was used in dog fighting. Today, she increasingly accompanies a person as a companion.

Despite its terrifying appearance, this four-legged beast will not attack a person without reason. Usually, the reason for his attack is a physical threat to the owner or members of his family. The American Bulldog is not only a good companion, but also an excellent watchdog with a well-developed sense of territoriality.

Pit bull terrier

This breed, like the previous two, has a large, elongated head. Pit bull weight is from 30 to 55 kg. Despite the fact that he has always been used as a companion dog, he is an excellent watchdog.

Initially, the breed was bred to participate in dog fighting. Hence the myth about her excessive aggressiveness. But, with proper upbringing, a pit bull puppy will not become an angry, unbalanced animal. The animal adores its owner and cannot stand long separation from him. If you leave him alone for a long time, he will probably lose his appetite.

This quadruped has short light fur, large eyes, a massive chest and a long tail. You should not expect this dog to make friends with your other pets. She is very jealous and will not tolerate betrayal. When walking her, it is recommended to use a muzzle.

Staffordshire Terrier

A very strong breed bred in the USA. She knows no fear, no retreat, no weakness. Like the pit bull, the Staffordshire Terrier is often used in dog fighting, hence its notoriety as a four-legged killer.

Yes, there are a lot of cases of this beast attacking people and animals. This breed is truly difficult to train. With the wrong approach to training, the Stafford will become aggressive and overly suspicious of every person who comes to his house. For this reason, it is strictly not recommended for a beginner to start it.

But no matter how this four-legged animal grows, it will always be devoted to its owner. Love for him turns the formidable Staffordshire Terrier into a sweet and gentle dog who loves being scratched behind the ear. The animal needs to be trained from 2 months of age.

The color of the breed varies, from light beige to black. The specificity of the exterior is a large head, on top of which there are large ears. By the way, they need to be cleaned at least once every 2 weeks.

English bulldog

It is a small but very gentle dog with folds of skin on its face and back. She is observant, suspicious and friendly, quickly becoming attached to people. But she also has a drawback - poor health. If you want to get a bulldog, then be prepared for the fact that it will require regular care. To prevent the animal from getting sick, it should be shown to the veterinarian at least 2 times a year.

Despite the lack of impressive dimensions, bulldogs have bodyguard skills. They will never offend their owners. An inexperienced dog breeder may face the problem of suppressing the stubbornness of a given animal. The peculiarity of the bulldog is its fleshy cheeks and large, wide jaw. Due to the specific look of this dog, not everyone will want to have one.


“The eternal puppy” is what they say about this strong dog with a square-shaped head. She is confident, observant and very resilient. However, the boxer's excessive playfulness is observed even in his adulthood. It becomes more severe by 3-4 years of age.

Even an experienced dog handler may have difficulties training this dog. And this is connected not only with his puppyish disposition, but also with stubbornness. Four-legged animals behave very gently and friendly with children.

Many people believe that boxers are aggressive dogs. This is wrong. Their good disposition is completely incompatible with causeless anger. However, this dog will never allow its owner to be harmed. A boxer will certainly attack if he feels threatened. This property made him not only a companion, but also a guard.

Cane Corso

Cane Corsos have a balanced character. Externally, the dog looks quite strong with clearly visible muscle mass on its legs. The coat is short and shiny.

Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is easily recognized by the numerous folds on its body. The folds serve as protection for the dog when fighting with other dogs in battles. With proper upbringing, Shar Peis do not grow up to be aggressive and easily get along with other pets and children.


Rottweilers have a massive, strong body with a wide chest. The dog has a wayward character, requiring mandatory training by a specialist.

English Springer Spaniel

Cheerful, inquisitive and friendly dogs that will be happy to lead an active life. They belong to hunting and working breeds, are easy to train and learn, and become strongly attached to their owners. They are very energetic and require a lot of mental and physical exertion.

Size Chart English Springer Spaniel
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Male40,5 — 4345-4812,5 — 15,5
Bitch38 — 40,542-4511,8 — 14,5
Puppy (3 months)up to 26up to 325-6

Puppies grow quickly, at 8 months. with normal maintenance and a balanced diet, they practically reach the size of an adult dog. Cuddles should not be left unattended, they begin to get bored and howl, and constantly need communication.


English cocker spaniel

One of the best representatives of medium-sized dogs, a tireless worker and a wonderful companion. Spaniel weight is 13-15 kg. The height at the withers is 38-41 cm. Their coat has more than 30 color options and requires regular combing, but it is smooth, silky, never harsh. A smart and quick-witted dog that loves retrieving and bathing .

Spaniels have always been distinguished by tenderness and love for their master. Due to uncontrolled breeding, health problems such as skin and eye diseases are possible. Positive factors include a low likelihood of cancer and heart disease.


  • learning ability: 9/10;
  • Grooming: 6/10;
  • activity: 9/10;
  • attitude towards children: 10/10;
  • security qualities: 5/10;
  • aggressiveness: 1/10;
  • health: 6/10

Border Collie

Weight 14-22 kg, height at the withers 46-54 cm. Initially, this breed was bred as a herding breed, but in a short time it became a champion in agility and obedience. They are easy to train and become very attached to their owner. Only an experienced dog handler can train this breed .

Suitable for living in a confined space in an apartment, but subject to regular long walks to satisfy the dog’s physical needs. This is a very active, agile dog that loves to play flyball, clearly following commands . Suspicious of strangers.

The collie's coat can be both smooth and hard, but in any case practically does not require daily care: it is enough to comb the dog 3 times a week. Some breeding lines may have hereditary eye diseases and hip dysplasia.


  • learning ability: 10/10;
  • Grooming: 10/10;
  • activity: 10/10;
  • attitude towards children: 9/10;
  • security qualities: 5/10;
  • aggressiveness: 2/10;
  • health: 6/10

American Cocker Spaniel

Weight 11-13 kg. Height at the withers is 34-39 cm. A charming and noble-looking dog: the coat is silky, straight or slightly wavy. Sincere, friendly family member. Very easy to train and train.

The American Cocker Spaniel is a very noble dog: you will notice that he is always and under any circumstances full of dignity, but at the same time energetic. These dogs need a lot of attention and always want to play with their owner and other animals. Spaniels get along great with cats !

But you can’t leave your dog at home alone for a long time : lack of attention will affect his character, he will often bark and spoil things.

Therefore, you need someone to be at home. The breed also requires daily grooming. Their health leaves much to be desired; they are prone to genetic diseases such as epilepsy, eye diseases, skin and kidney diseases.


  • learning ability: 7/10;
  • Grooming: 10/10;
  • activity: 8/10;
  • attitude towards children: 10/10;
  • security qualities: 3/10;
  • aggressiveness: 1/10;
  • health: 4/10

Shiba Inu

A Japanese dog that will not blindly follow its owner's beliefs. Relationships with her are built only as a partner, nothing else. Gets along well with children, but patience with children's pranks depends on individual temperament. Among the main qualities: devotion, dominance, activity, developed hunting instincts.

Shiba Inu Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)17-2326up to 4

Given their small size, Shiba puppies gain weight and grow very slowly. On average, a dog’s weight increases by 500 g per month; higher values ​​are a deviation from the norm. Up to 6 months, weight reaches 5 kg, which is 1/3 of the size of an adult dog.


Adult dog weight: from 10 to 12 kg. The height at the withers is from 44 to 51 cm. The second name of this breed is the Small English Greyhound. Their distinctive feature is high intelligence and the ability to sense the mood of the owner.

A dog can be a quiet smart guy or a smart electric broom - it all depends on your emotions. But if they give you a break, don’t dream that it will last long. An emotional whippet will soon begin to express his love and affection to you.

Most whippets are affectionate, sensitive and extremely attentive pets. Their love of love sometimes just goes off scale. They will follow their owner with their tail, look faithfully into the eyes and wait for a response.

But such love does not extend to children: as soon as the baby becomes overly annoying and, in the opinion of the whippet, goes too far, the dog leaves with dignity. He doesn’t growl, doesn’t snap, but just walks away - this is also a definite plus.

Basset Hound

A friendly dog ​​in all respects, a wonderful companion, but at the same time it has great stubbornness and self-esteem. This is a moderately active breed that is suitable for home keeping with good walking and outings. There is no urgent need for constant movement. Sociable, a little phlegmatic, little emotional, but not slow. Dogs are attached to one owner and are very sad and bored in his absence.

Basset Hound Size Chart
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)2530-389-10

Puppies are difficult to train due to their innate independence and stubbornness. They are very smart, but they will not engage when the owner wishes. As they grow and mature, they get in great shape, gaining 1.5-2.5 kg per month. At the same time, they require constant attention and communication; in the absence of the owner, they begin to howl. Therefore, at first, do not leave them alone in the apartment, so as not to cause inconvenience to the neighbors.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A wonderful breed in all respects: quiet, calm, intelligent, but affectionate. They do not take up much space and are very attached to their owner.

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Scottish Terrier

Who doesn't know this charmer? The Scottish Terrier is a breed that fits perfectly into the conditions of a city apartment. In addition, they do not need to be combed daily, but trimming is required once every 5-6 months.

A special plus is given to Scotch for its character: it does not require attention, does not bark for no reason and does not spoil things, and remains alone in the apartment almost the entire day without any problems. But for this, the dog will be happy to get long and leisurely walks with his beloved owner or mistress!

English bulldog

A calm and even phlegmatic creature that will become a wonderful friend and companion. The breed was selected, which caused various genetic diseases. The Bulldog will look perfect both on the sofa and as a guard dog. However, in the latter case, it is more likely to act as a deterrent, because it is not his nature to bark, even when a stranger approaches, and rather to growl than to inform his owners. They get along well with children, unquestioningly tolerate the pranks of little tomboys, quickly get used to the family, and do not tolerate loneliness.

Size chart English Bulldog
Height at withersBody lengthWeight
Puppy (3 months)23up to 288

When choosing a puppy, you should pay attention to the absence of skin damage; the coat should be smooth, without bald spots or other defects. The baby should stand firmly on his feet and not fall on his side. It gains weight well, but do not overfeed, the breed is prone to obesity.

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Small breeds

Among the small ones there are those that are ideal for living next to children . Due to the size and the possibility of injuring four-legged animals, you need to take into account that they should be owned by those over 8 years old. Choose which dog is best to buy for your child from small breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier

Sociable, very sensitive to people's moods . Ideal for apartment living as long as he has enough toys and is trained. Wherein:

  • Yorkies are easily injured;
  • falling from the sofa can lead to broken paws;
  • You need to pay attention to brushing your teeth.

A daughter or son will have something to watch out for if parents choose a Yorkshire terrier as the best dog for children.


A loyal four-legged dog that is suitable for living in an apartment. Spitz dogs are recognized as one of the smartest dogs. They easily adapt to the owner’s mood and are ready to play for hours. What to pay attention to:

  • daily hair care - although they are cut, this can lead to alopecia - hair loss; regular brushing will replace the need to completely cut off the animal’s hair;
  • teeth cleaning;
  • active walks.

You can start training an animal from 5 months.


Active, needs the company of the owner, requires attention . A true companion who loves to play. Due to its excessive attachment to people, it is suitable for unsociable children. The Maltese dog does not tolerate long separation from a person and begins to suffer from anxiety.


Excellent companions for a son or daughter if they are over 8 years old, but these animals do not always have the patience for the antics of younger ones. Moderately active : they can lie on the couch for half a day without requiring anyone to play with them. The Pekingese's disadvantages include stubbornness, but they are very brave animals with good hearing and exhibit protective qualities. Apartment life suits them.

Shih Tzu

They do not tolerate loneliness - they always need company. Playful, active - long walks and daily training are suitable for them. When purchasing a Shih Tzu, you need to pay a lot of attention to the condition of its coat. This is an ideal small breed for living in an apartment.

Toy poodle

A miniature friend for children in the apartment. Playful and affectionate animals. They need training because they have a huge amount of energy. Makes an ideal gaming companion. Has protective qualities. When purchasing, please note that toy poodles need to be taught to be brushed from an early age - this will greatly simplify your life in the future.


A good dog for children and apartments. The most active, energetic ones are under three years of age. They are not the type that can entertain their owners for hours; they need breaks and quiet rest on the couch. Pugs have a slightly stubborn character and become very attached to people. They require minimal grooming but shed all year round.

French Bulldog

The animal cannot stand loneliness; a day spent in an empty apartment is stressful. The dog can play for hours. Loves to nurse and protect newborns up to one year old. Features of the French:

  • do not tolerate extreme cold and heat;
  • need careful selection of diet due to allergies;
  • snore.

French Bulldog - for active people living in an apartment.

Chinese Crested

She is not prone to dominance , so she will become a calm, obedient friend. She can play for hours, but leaving her alone with children under three years old is not worth it, since the crested ones can easily be injured. Peculiarities:

  • do not shed;
  • suitable for apartment living;
  • cannot tolerate prolonged loneliness;
  • difficult to adapt to cold climates.

The Crested is a companion that needs companionship.

King Charles Spaniel

The basic rule for keeping this animal is to provide daily walks with activities . The King Charles Spaniel is very patient, so it is adopted with newborns. He quickly becomes attached to his owners, loves to be the center of attention , but loneliness is stressful for him.

Small smooth-haired dogs

Small, smooth-haired dogs can grow up to 40 cm. The weight of an adult usually does not exceed 16 kg.

The benefits of small dogs

Small dogs have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • They are long-lived;
  • Do not take up much space in the apartment;
  • Practically do not shed;
  • There is no need for a long walk (often in the rainy and cold season dogs are not taken out for walks at all);
  • Pets of some breeds can accompany their owners not only on trips out of town, but also on shopping trips.

The main disadvantage is the frequent occurrence of increased nervous excitability and mental instability.


Dogs of this breed are found in two types. Smooth-haired individuals have been known since 1888. The standard for long-haired Chihuahuas was approved in England in 1954. The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1959 (both varieties). Entries in the Guinness Book indicate that she is the smallest dog on earth. An ideal option for an apartment is that the weight of an adult pet does not exceed 3.5 kg. Character – lively, active, inquisitive.

Russian toy

Indoor (decorative) breed of dog, bred in Moscow. There are two varieties: smooth-haired and long-haired. Height – 20-28 cm, weight up to 3 kg. Recognized by the International Film Festival in 2017. The coat is smooth but dense. The color is predominantly dark (brown or black). They are difficult to train and cannot be left alone for long periods of time. They live up to 15 years and do not require walking.

Toy Fox Terrier (American)

A type of fox terrier, height from 21 cm to 30 cm, weighing no more than 3.5 kg. Bred from the Smooth Fox Terrier breed. It does not require special care. Recognized in America in 1936. Life expectancy is up to 14 years. Contained exclusively in the apartment.

Smooth Fox Terrier

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a medium-sized (up to 40 cm, weight - maximum 8 kg) hunting dog . Coat color is white, cream or fawn. The hair is dense, smooth, there is no undercoat. Requires a long walk. They live 10-12 years. There have been cases of poor tolerability of drug therapy.

Miniature Pinscher (Miniature Pinscher)

German breed, the main purpose is to catch rats and small rodents. The coat is tight-fitting and smooth. Color – all shades of red and brown, black and tan. At the withers, dogs reach 30 cm, weight – up to 5 kg. They practically cannot tolerate low temperatures and require wearing insulated clothing during this period. They have been pleasing owners for almost 15 years.

Jack Russell Terrier

Belongs to the hunting class of dogs. Height – 25-30 cm. Weight rarely exceeds 8 kg. Has excellent working qualities. They are extremely active and can be aggressive towards other animals. They require long walks with high intensity exercise.


Strongly built dogs have folds on the forehead. Decorative, have an obedient character. Very sociable, love to play. Males are no higher than 30 cm at the withers, weighing no more than 10 kg. The coat is beige, smooth, shiny. They do not require special care and are inactive. They may suffer from excess weight. With proper nutritional control they live up to 15 years.


The Basenji is a “no-bark” dog. Instead of the classic dog bark, it makes peculiar sounds that vaguely resemble rumbling. There is no smell. Origin: Central Africa, at least 3000 BC. They have strong immunity. The character is very energetic, they love movement. Height – 40-43 cm, weight – up to 11 kg (males).

French Bulldog

Once a fighting dog, today representatives of this breed are far from bloody battles. Cute French bulldogs grow up to 35 cm, the weight of an adult is no more than 15 kg. The coat is smooth, lies close to the body, there is no undercoat. They respond well to training. They have a cheerful, good-natured character.

Large smooth-haired dogs

Large smooth-haired dogs exceed 60cm at the withers. The weight of an adult varies from 30 kg to 90 kg.

Benefits of Large Dogs

The main advantage of a large dog in general is its obvious “protective” function.

Large breeds of dogs are not recommended to be kept in apartment conditions. This applies to both smooth-haired and long-haired pets. Typically, large breeds require significant space to sleep and rest. In addition, these dogs often need to be provided with prolonged and intense levels of physical activity, preferably free-ranging.

However, despite a number of difficulties that arise during the growth and maturation of a large dog, they are popular. Many owners, especially if living conditions allow it, choose large breeds when choosing a dog. The main disadvantage is the low life expectancy.

Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is a true aristocrat. The appearance of a dog can evoke admiration and admiration for its exterior. Character – extremely self-possessed and calm. Excellent physical characteristics - massive limbs, wide, powerful chest. Extremely active, able to maintain a high rate of load for a long time. The preferred type of activity is running. The color is dazzling white. Height – up to 70 cm, weight – 65 kg.


A recognizable breed of large, smooth-haired dog due to its color – noticeable black spots on a white background. Origin from Croatia. Bred for hunting, recognized by the FCI in 1955. Character – active, willful. Requires constant attention. The height of males is 62 cm, the weight is small for this category - up to 32 kg. They live up to 13 years.


The Doberman belongs to the class of service dogs. Powerful, with clearly defined muscles, not massive. High level of learning ability. They successfully perform “supervisory and patrol” functions in public places and detention areas. Height at withers – 72 cm, weight – up to 45 kg. Life expectancy is 11 years.


A German breed, originally intended to perform herding functions. Character – difficult, complex. Without training, it quickly becomes uncontrollable. Powerful neck, torso, strong muscle structure. Height – up to 68 cm, weight – 50-55 kg. The coat is short, despite the presence of undercoat, smooth. Susceptible to skin diseases. Cancer is often diagnosed. Life expectancy is low - 8-10 years.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is an Italian dog known since ancient Rome. Currently, it is actively used to protect the territory. Balanced, manageable, generally not aggressive. Height – up to 70 cm, weight – 50 kg. Undercoat is present, but poorly developed. Therefore, the wool is smooth, of various colors, from red or gray to black. They live 11 years.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux (or French Mastiff). The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1954. Despite their powerful build and intimidating appearance, they are distinguished by their good-natured and non-conflict character. Today they are used primarily as companions. They do not require much physical activity. To avoid excess weight gain, it is recommended to follow “dietary” feeding rules. The height of males is 68 cm, weight – no more than 54 kg.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Just like the Cane Corso, Neapolitan Mastiffs were used in gladiator fights (baiting wild animals) . A characteristic feature is drooping ears when set high and wrinkles on the forehead. Used as a watchdog, but the level of aggression is low. The coat is smooth (in females). They can be stubborn and tend to dominate. They reach a height of 75 cm, weight – up to 70 kg.

South African Boerboel

The breed was only recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 2015. Origin: South Africa. Stubborn, self-confident, dominant character. Require significant physical activity (running more than 10 km per day). In the absence of training courses (OKD, specialized obedience training), they are aggressive and capable of attacking others. Considering their size (height 70 cm, weight up to 90 kg) they should be kept in spacious enclosures on the territory of suburban areas. They live up to 15 years.

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